Thursday, July 11, 2013


I've spent over a month trying to figure out how exactly I wanted to approach this subject.  All of my other blogs cover topics that we as people deal with almost every day, but each one always comes back to the fact that your beliefs are what has led you to where you are in life today.  This is going to be one of the blogs that would best be read with a pen and paper in hand.  Beliefs are something that you need to really gain a hold of.  You need to figure out exactly where your mind is before you will ever have a chance to change it.

I want to first give you an introduction on beliefs and how they become the main factor in your emotions, thoughts, and personal happiness.

When we are children, our minds are open to anything we should learn.  It is said that you take on most of your morals, values, and beliefs before you are 4 years old.  Those 4 years you are learning what is acceptable and what isn't in society, but what most parents don't realize is that they are also teaching you what you should think of yourself and those around you.  Parents, usually unknowingly, pass down their judgements, insecurities, and self criticisms to their children while also teaching them the basics of love, friendships, and kindness.  In an essence, it is not YOUR FAULT that those are what you've learned.  I want you to take a moment to let that soak in.  You did not create those judgements and insecurities in your head.  They were put there for you.  Got it?  Alright, now really really let that sink in.  Your parents, adult family members, and other adult influences are the reason you're beliefs are not benefiting your life.  I'll give you a minute to process that information.........

Are you finished?  Now that you know where the issue came from, I want you to recognize what thoughts just went through your head.  Did you victimize yourself?  Did you get frustrated, angry, or even sad?  Did you feel any negative emotions?  Good.  THOSE are the thoughts you need to work on.  Because it wasn't your parents that put those thoughts in your head, they just put the basis of the belief there.  It was YOU who just chose which feelings to have about that revelation.  That is where changing your beliefs is going to come into play.  Your parents gave you a foundation, you chose how to interpret it.  Pick up that pen and paper and lets get to work.

I want you to write down your beliefs on these subject.  Feel free to word them any way you feel fit.  This may take a few minutes, so be prepared to really get into what you truly feel about these things.  If you have more than one belief on the subject, write them each down separately.

Your happiness
Your success
Your goals
Your health
Your future
Your appearance
Your attitude
Your behaviors
Your thoughts
Your relationships
Your self worth

These are your personal belief statements.  I want you to look over them and decide for yourself which of these beliefs are really self-empowering.  Circle the ones that make you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Now I want you to look over them and decided which are NOT self empowering.  The beliefs that make you feel not good enough.  The beliefs that bring us pain to recognize.  Now I want you to CROSS THEM OUT.  Those are the beliefs you want to change about yourself.  They are what you need to work on.  Without knowing which beliefs do not serve the purpose of bettering yourself, you will never know how to improve your life.

Your job from today forward is to practice the exact opposite of those negative belief statements.  You are to remind yourself every day that you are no longer the person who feels that way about yourself, you are a person who thinks nothing but the best about who you are.  I will do my best to keep this blog full of ways to recognize and improve your ability to chose positive beliefs.  I know you can do it because I did.  If someone like me, a person who was completely negative, can flip their life around and see the GOOD in myself and all that I am and do, I truly believe that anyone can.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you have a negative belief and you're not sure how to change it, feel free to send me a message and we can discuss ways to get through it.  I'm here for you!

Much Peace, happiness and SELF LOVE!
The Happiest Woman Alive